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Our Mission
Aussie Naturists is a ground cutting web-based community designed to bring together naturists from around Australia. This site replaces and exceeds previous groups hosted on MSN and Yahoo. Our site contains new and interactive features to maximize the group experience for all users. We are dedicated to promoting naturism in Australia without prejudice, accepting all people of all persuasions to participate. We do not expect this site to become a forum for vilification or denigration of any individual of group within our scope. We welcome all genuine naturists within Australia to join us.

Our Expectation
Aussie Naturists membership is a gift, not a right. We hope that your involvement in this group will be active and positive. Unlike in previous groups, we will monitor individuals carefully, and establish their involvement in the community. This does not mean you have to contribute photo's or discussions every time you visit, but we do expect that you will utilize the groups features to help is in our mission - to promote naturism in Australia. We have worked tirelessly to create a site with every imaginable feature you could require. They are to be used, not abused.

Our Rules
An important charter of our group is at accept people from all walks of life, all races, all orientations, all religions and political persuasion. Should it come to our attention that any individual in our group has been harassing another individual, or group of individuals, this member will be banned. Should you become a victim of harassment, or unwanted attention, we urge you to contact the administrators HERE. This site exists only for the promotion of naturism, not for the purposes of exhibitionism or sexual gratification. Please read our Rules Page for further information.

Be an Active Member
Therefore, we do not allow the posting of sexually oriented images or discussions, images of children, or the use of foul language. We acknowledge and accept the presence of swingers and homosexuals within the naturist community and we have no problem with what lifestyle you chose to live, so long as your actions do not impinge on others. Naturists come from all walks of life, and we strongly encourage acceptance of everyone. At Aussie Naturists we believe that the ideology of naturism allows us to be more tolerant and accepting than other branches of society.