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Aussie Naturists - Nude Beaches

Tasmanian Nude Beaches (3)

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Bakers Beach at Port Sorrel in Tasmanian
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Views: 3171
Locals: 6
Visitors: 6
Description: To get to Bakers Beach turn off the Frankford Highway then it is a 13 km drive in to the park. Most campers head for Bak... Read more
Directions: Bakers Beach near Davenport is an unofficial nude beach. Situated in The Asbestos Range National Park, there is an ent... Read more
Emergency Phone: 000 or (03) 6421-7511
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Greens Beach at Beauty Point in Tasmanian
Photos: 1
Posts: 1
Views: 2657
Locals: 0
Visitors: 1
Description: Greens Beach and Kelso Coastal Reserve comprises a narrow band of coastal land between the eastern boundary of Narawntap... Read more
Directions: Greens Beach, north-west of Beauty Point is situated at the very mouth of the Tamar River Approximately 60km north-west ... Read more
Emergency Phone: 000 or (03) 6383-2002
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7 Mile Beach at Hobart in Tasmanian
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Views: 4019
Locals: 1
Visitors: 2
Description: 7 Mile Beach is located about 15 km east of Hobart. The turnoff to Seven Mile Beach is clearly signposted. The close pro... Read more
Directions: 7 Mile Beach is only 20 minutes drive from Hobart and an easy driving distance from two of Tasmania's finest attractions... Read more
Emergency Phone: 000 or (03) 6265-4951