I am a lone male naturist. Should I join the ANF?

The ANF (Australian Nudist Federation) is run by elected officials from naturist clubs in Australia who operate a "gender-balance" within their walls, thereby excluding lone males, whether single, attached with non-naturist partners or widowed. Obtaining an ANF passport will almost certainly not provide access to clubs for lone males, so save your money! The ANF is run by clubs for the primary interest of the clubs, and do not represent the general naturist population of Australia.

The above facts result from a brief stint on the executive of the ANF, an equally brief affiliation through Aussie Naturists, plus through the experience of members who have held ANF passports. As a lone male, your options are limited to beach visits, beach carnivals, visits to naturist businesses (retreats & resorts, as opposed to clubs) and membership to Aussie Naturists. We do not practice, nor support, discriminatory gender quotas based on the fact that females represent only 10% of the entire naturist population in Australia.

If we excluded women from Aussie Naturists there would be a feminist uproar; though apparently it is not sexist for clubs to exclude lone males. Go figure!