Can I convert my wife/partner to naturism?

The most truthful answer to this question, based on our 13 years experience with hundreds of "attached" males is; no, or at least, very unlikely! It is unwise, and even unreasonable, to believe that you can change a person to suit your will. If you did not discuss naturism with your partner before committing to them and gauge their interest, then you have left yourself with little option. Keeping secrets from a loved one will never end well. The more you push, the more resistance you are likely to get.

If your partner accepts your naturism and allows you to participate alone, best leave it at that! If they do not accept your naturism, do not permit you to practice the lifestyle & they treat you as some kind of oddity, then you have a real problem. They have no more right to try to change you as you have to change them. But if you kept your naturist inclinations a secret initially, then (again) you have a problem! It comes down to a decision; how important is your marriage vs how important is naturism. It is useless to close the stable door after the horse has bolted.

The best case scenario is to introduce a partner to naturism before committing to marriage. Your decision to commit to a lifetime together should be based on shared interests and beliefs.