Why do I need to provide personal information?

It may come as a surprise to many people, but the naturist community is not what it seems at first glance. Given naturism involves nudity, many people's minds turn instantly to sex. These unenlightened, immature and largely unintelligent people are simply unable to comprehend the true meaning behind naturism. They see a naked person or take off their clothes and instantly feel the need to procreate. These people are not naturists and have no place in our community.

One thing that we have learned from running Aussie Naturists for thirteen years is this: people with something to hide usually have a reason to hide. They are either hiding from their partner or hiding their true intentions. So, our requirement of personal information is the only means we have of protecting you from the predators and perverts out there in internet land. If you have ever been to a nudist beach or joined some of the other well known nudist websites, you will be familiar with these people. They have no greater aim in life than getting their rocks off.