Finding a Naturist Life Partner

Added by Aussie Naturist on Wednesday, 19th August 2020 at 07:48:34am

It is a common misconception that naturist partners were born that way, and therefore a rarity. No, not true! Almost every naturist partner that we are aware of was 'created' or 'converted' by their spouse before marriage. However, the biggest mistake most people make (particularly males) is to hide their naturist life from their partner until some time after their nuptials. Keeping any secret of this nature is going to result in conflict, since the spouse is going to wonder why and your secret becomes a 'dirty secret'. Going back from that secret is impossible. This is not opinion, it is fact. We are aware of many males who are now divorced, and some who have been threatened by their spouse with divorce if they continue their nude deviance.

Our best advice is to introduce your partner to your naturist life before committing to marry them. Naturism is an important lifestyle choice to many people, as important as a football team or religion. So if your intended spouse is not "into it", why marry them? Trying to convert them later is simply a waste of time and almost always impossible. And if you hope to meet a naturist female partner, forget it. The fact is that they are as rare as hens teeth! Roughly 10% of current naturists are female. About 2% of these are single and the remaining 8% are already partnered.

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