I don't know any other naturists. Will joining help?

Added by Aussie Naturist on Monay, 17th August 2020 at 10:45am

LMFHO! ...Sorry to seem rude, but literally! If we could have a penny for every member who has said this, or that they are looking for 'like-minded' people, we'd be very rich! And what do people mean by like-minded anyway? Surely by simply applying to join a naturist website, you'd expect to find other naturists inside, right? We suspect 'like-minded' has more meaning than it at first implies. But one thing we have learned about the many naturist pretenders, their language is always couched in hidden meaning.

But we digress... Yes! Surely, if you join this community and get involved, communicate & make an effort, the potential is there to meet people. But if a person joins and expects people to rush to their side and initiate conversation... sorry! Friendship does not work like that - true friendship with real people does not occur at the click of a 'like' button. Too many people choose to sit on their hands, then say, "Gee, it's quiet around here!". Rather than gripe about the state of the naturist community, ask what I can do to make a better, more vibrant & open lifestyle.

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