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Aussie Naturists

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Resort/Club Etiquette

Seating Conditions
At any naturist club or resort it is considered standard practice to bring a towel to sit on. This is not to insinuate that you are dirty or diseased, but just makes good sense. In general the same rules apply at clubs and resorts as they do at beaches, such as being polite, not staring, nil sexual activity, no photography and so on. Unlike many nudist beaches, clubs and resorts are not clothing-optional but nudist. So disrobing is expected, not a choice. Being clothed at a nudist beach is not illegal, but will probably make you unpopular and appear like a pervert.

General Rules
Naturist resorts and clubs expect the same from you as would be expected in any public establishment. Respect the local rules, put your litter in the bin, smoke in smoking areas and dispose of your butts responsibly. Be respectful of others in terms of behaviour, noise, respectability - especially where children are concerned. There are obvious dangers to the naturist - such as splinters and sunburn. These are your responsibility to avoid. It is usual to make prior arrangement to visit a naturist club or resort. People who just turn up will probably be turned away.

General Respect
Naturists are individuals just like any other group of people. Some may wish to keep their names or professions private for obvious reasons. Respect an individuals right to privacy. Naturists are generally accepting people, so refrain from being judgmental. If you have strong feelings against certain groups of individuals in society, then perhaps you have chosen the right lifestyle. If you wish to take photographs or video of your holiday, ask permission of the owners and individuals you may wish to photograph before doing so.


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