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Forum Features

Naturist Forum
The menu in the top left corner of the site give you access to the different areas Aussie Naturists website. The forum is where discussions take place. When posting a discussion, please ensure you do so in the appropriate category for your message and take care to check your spelling. You may also use the top menu to navigate to other areas of the forum. Any time you experience problems [hopefully this won't occur] please use the contact page [indicated by the telephone icon], or send a PM to the manager for assistance.

Naturist Calendar
The calendar can be reached menu at the top-left of the site [indicated by calendar icon]. Here we have listed the important events on the Australian Naturist calendar. It can also be used to advertise special events, BBQ's, parties or meetings you may wish to organize. If you have an event put on the site's calendar, you can post the event yourself or if this proves problematic you can send a message to the administrators HERE. The calendar events will also appear under the Events & Gatherings section near the top of the front page of the site.

Profiles & Members
Your basic profile was created when you joined Aussie Naturists from the information you provided. You will also be listed in the Member List and Regional Search, allowing other members to see who you are, where you are from, and how to send you a message. You should take time to complete the more personal information about yourself, as our members like to know a little about you. Aussie Naturists is designed for naturists who are genuine. Please do not delete information from your profile or provide false information. If members choose to be deceitful, they may be deleted from Aussie Naturists.


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