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Extra Features

Naturist Chat Room
Our chat-room is available 24/7. We have a regular weekly chat session on Sunday evenings from 7pm EDST and 9:30pm for those in western timezones. If you find that you are unable to enter or view the chat room, please make sure that you have the latest operating system on your device, and the latest updates for your browsers. Naturally our rules for appropriate behaviour apply here as elsewhere on the site. If members notice others flaunting site rules, please send a message to the administrators HERE.

Naturist Gallery
We welcome all members to upload and share genuine naturist images. Of course, it is expected that those images are not explicit, sexually oriented, contain children and that you have permission from all the individuals depicted to post them on our site. More detailed descriptions of acceptable photos are contained in our rules and policies which should be read before uploading. You may disguise your face using an image program prior to uploading. We hope members will contribute to our site, understanding that only members of this community will have the ability to view your images.

Games Room
The Games Arcade has been set up as a pleasant distraction on those cold winter days when nudist activity is not an option. Members can try their hand at one of our hundred games, and beat other members scores. Already many members have commented on how they enjoy this section of Aussie Naturists. Please understand that the games are provided by 3rd parties, so we are unable to resolve problems with particular games that may be faulty. The Games Room is available only to subscribers.

Video Gallery
We have a collection of naturist videos available to subscribers of Aussie Naturists. Here you will find clips from some nudist beaches members have visited, including some resorts. We also have a variety of nudist clips, TV Commercials and documentaries you might find interesting, performances and events. At Aussie Naturists we try to promote anything that pertains to our lifestyle, without being gratuitous. Not all nude activities are done for the sole purpose of naturism, such as the nude bike ride and Spencer Tunick photo-shoots.

Aussie Naturist Music
Aussie Naturists aims to create a relaxing & enjoyable community atmosphere for it's members to enjoy that will keep you coming back. To help achieve this, we have added the option for members to listen to a variety of music while viewing our site or chatting in the chat room. Just click on the menu in the top-left corner of the site and locate link to our chat room. On the chat room page, you will find a button for you to Play Music while you browse through what's new at Aussie Naturists. Hopefully you will find something to your taste.


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