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Beach Etiquette

Beach Photography
Taking photos or video on nudist beaches is strictly prohibited. Sadly, being a naturist is still associated with a high degree of stigma in Australia, and most people like to keep their 'habit' private. It is essential that we respect the right of individuals to enjoy naturism without threat or fear. If you have a particular reason to take photo's, such as for images for this site, ask before you take. If you have friends, you should also ask their permission before photographing them. You will be very unpopular if you take images without permission.

Sexual Activity
Many, if not all, of our naturist beaches have been threatened by illegal sexual activity. Some beaches have been closed for this reason, and it is not difficult to find such debates raging across the internet. Unfortunately this topic has polarised the naturist world into four distinct communities; The Purists, The Gay Naturists, The Swinger Naturists, and the Middle-road Naturists. These groups are not mutually exclusive, but antagonism between groups has disrupted the unity of the Naturist community. A minority of individuals are to blame...

Sexual Activity Continued...
I have witnessed sexual activity on every beach I have visited. In my experience there are people from both the gay and swinger community involved, but believe that the majority of the blame lies at the feet of frustrated married men who are not naturists at all. Having said this, I have also seen advertisements on the internet from Gay websites about this beach or that being a good "pick-up" site. By and large, sexual activity should be curbed. At Aussie Naturists we accept the presence of gay and swinger members. They do comprise a large number of naturists whether some want to admit it or not.

Sexual Activity Continued...
The beauty of naturism is that it is a lifestyle that is supposed to accept all people. The rule for newcomers is to be discreet. If you have an 'awkward' moment, cover up. Some people parade around displaying their excitement, and this is strongly frowned upon. Wait until the moment passes. You will find that the sensations of being nude will dissipate in time, and will no longer present a problem. If you witness sexual activity you should report this to the police, as it is illegal. If you choose to break the law, understand that there is a high possibility that the police will be called.

Respectable Behaviour
Some people are interested in meeting other naturists, and some are not. Do not pressure people, make unwelcome advances, or sit too close. Of course you should not stare at people. This makes making friends awkward, but friendship is something that grows over time as you become a regular and people begin to trust you. Tan lines are a clear indicator you are new, and the sooner you can get rid of them the more relaxed things will become. On most beaches there will be at least one person who will welcome you... but be careful as there will also be predators.

Out of bounds
On all naturists there are places that are 'out-of-bounds'. Most of these are either sensitive dune habitats or dangerous rocks. There are usually signs warning to stay out of these areas. Unfortunately, however, the undesirable nudist elements tend to ignore these signs, as they ignore general decency laws. If you enter these areas you will either be damaging an environment or placing yourself in danger - in more ways than one. If you wish to be accepted by the nudist community, you will not achieve this by hiding in the bushes and becoming a part of the problem.

Common Sense
Naturist Beaches rely on the goodwill of local government, police, and National Parks. Please obey the laws that relate to the area. Ensure you have sufficient sunscreen, especially if you are a beginner. Areas needing particular care include those that haven't seen the light of day, particularly your feet, shoulders and hips. Stay within the boundaries of the nudist beach, which is usually marked by signs. Car parks, toilets and facilities are generally not unclad areas. Help promote sound naturist ideas, and challenge people who are obviously flaunting established rules.


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