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Aussie Naturists was an online community designed in 2008 to allow genuine Australian naturists to communicate and network. The aim of the community was not to practice nudism online, but to enable friendships and trust to develop, allow nudists to end their isolation, share information, learn about our lifestyle and events and therefore build strong networks.


While the practice of naturism and access to nude beaches is free, access to social naturist services is not free. There is a cost involved for the service providers, and hence a cost to the naturists themselves. Unfortunately, naturists have no pockets and are unwilling to pay to support such services. But naturists love to complain about the lack of facilities available in Australia (go figure!). As a consequence, Aussie Naturists will cease operation on the 5th of March 2023 and will not be taking new memberships or subscriptions from this point onwards.

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