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We love to relax in the nude!

If the first thought that comes to your mind is that nudity equals sex, think again. That is not to say that naturists do not have normal sexual lives like anybody else, but to them, nudity is a natural state. Naturism aims to desexualise the human body and view all humans as equal. However, to achieve this form of naturist enlightenment a level of maturity and intelligence is required! Nudism (or naturism) allows the individual to remove their societal status, strip away the stresses and conformity of their daily routine, and simply let go. Naturists do things just the same way as non-naturists do, except they do so while naked. The social aspect of naturism is as important as any other, and generally allows for deeper, more genuine friendships to develop. Naturists tend to be more immediately open and honest than their clothed counterparts, as they have nothing to hide. Our community of 1250  genuine members invites you to join us!

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Our aim is to promote the true values of naturism, not the general views of mainstream society. We bring people together, both online and in the real world, and promote tolerance and acceptance of all. We do not believe in discrimination & prejudice, or excluding genuine naturists for the benefit of a few. We do not view the naked human body as an object of sex, but as the natural cladding of the free human. This is what makes naturism a different and exclusive way of life - we do not judge other people, only the manner in which they behave. A genuine naturist should accept everyone as equal, not treat individuals differently based on appearance, gender, race, religion or colour. The true meaning of naturism, based on the INF definition, involves "respect for self, respect for others, and respect for the environment".

At Aussie Naturists, we do not believe that naturists have the right to be ageist and sexist, rude and obnoxious, or force others to follow a nude lifestyle. As much as we expect respect from society, we are also compelled to show respect. We believe it is the acceptance and tolerance within the naturist community that makes it special, and as such we will not compromise in order to cater to the modern "me" generation. We rely on subscriptions from members for our very survival. We are currently in the process of developing a 'mobile friendly' website. We do not have a team of developers, just a single individual with a passion. You can help keep Aussie Naturists alive and growing by giving a donation:

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There are many places in Australia where you can experience the naturist lifestyle. They are either public places or privately owned, and all have an established set of guidelines (or etiquette) for visitors to follow. They are not places for debaucherous, illegal, or sexual encounters. These range from beaches, resorts, retreats and clubs, as well as special events. Below you will find a listing of the places we know, or those who have agreed to be listed here. If you keep an eye out on our website, you will also find special events listed on our nude calendar.